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At Scott Sakovich Furniture Refinishing & Repair, we offer full furniture refinishing, restoration and repair services. Our services include Stripping, Rush/Weave, Caning, Restoration, Water and Moving Damage.

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furniture restoration

Furniture Restoration Services

Sometimes there are items of furniture which have been passed down to us from one generation to another. They can have sentimental value attached to them. At Scott Sakovich Furniture, we understand how much it means to you to restore your valuable furniture. We provide high quality furniture restoration and repair services to our clients. We can restore and repair anything when it comes to woodwork and furniture.

If you have an antique piece of furniture and you need professional help to bring it back to its pristine condition, you have come to the right place. We specialize in antique restoration work.

furniture refinishing

Furniture Refinishing Services

With years of usage, furniture develops problems like rotten wood, paint deterioration, spots etc. For full furniture refinishing jobs, trust Scott Sakovich. We use a balanced combination of old and modern techniques to provide high quality finishing of furniture. We restore the furniture pieces to their original beauty.

Refinishing furniture is a process that should be performed by experts. In the hands of an untrained person, this could lead to a disaster. We take the time to do things right the first time and don’t take short cuts.

furniture repair

Furniture Repair Services

Instead of replacing your damaged furniture, we can help repair your furniture back to its original condition. We guarantee quality work and customer satisfaction.

As furniture gets old, it is bound to face wear and tear. Aging furniture can develop common problems such as loose joints. If neglected, the next thing that will occur is breakage. We also offer services like hand caning and rush weaving. We employ the latest technology and methods. Stripping the furniture is better than scratching. It is more furniture friendly if done carefully by professionals.

Furniture often sustains damage when moved from one location to another. We specialize in repairs of such damages. It is important that the problems of water and moving damage are handled by experts.

Repairing furniture is comparatively cheaper than purchasing new furniture. Make sure that you get your furniture repaired at the right time before it is too late. You will find our rates competitive and our services unmatched.

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At Scott Sakovich Furniture Refinishing & Repair, we offer full furniture refinishing, restoration and repair services.

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